Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ankhiyan Bhaili Lal

Beat of India is trying to save the rich folk songs of India from the onslaught of the big record labels. It is a fantastic effort. Once you become a member you get three songs free - like this bhojpuri song by Manoj Tiwari. It is about a couple's mischief during Holi. Enjoy!

[For uninterrupted listening: click on play, immediately click on pause, and let the music buffer for some time - till the grey line reaches the end]

Also, listen to the enchanting Music from Malwa.


dilettante said...

Thanks for the translation. I've always wondered about 'world/folk' music from other places, with all respect; if they were as 'earthy' as some pop/ulist music in the west esp. in some sub-cultures. And also if any correlation to SES.

Holden Caulfield said...

If by earthy you mean indecent, may be not. If you mean simple, may be yes. Indian folk music often blends with spirituality, and it hits you at a different plane than the spontaneity of folk songs from other places.

The music/ dances of the Santhals will be of a different kind though. The correlation with SES is an interesting question. I think it might be a negative? Once people move up the SES, they analyze a lot, and lose touch with the earth :)

Anonymous said...


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